Photographing Woolacombe

Explore Woolacombe and Ilfracombe's picturesque landscapes through our photographer's guide, capturing breathtaking coastal views, historic architecture, and quaint rural settings in North Devon.

6/8/20232 min read

Nestled in the heart of North Devon, the charming village of Woolacombe and the nearby town of Ilfracombe boast an array of picturesque landscapes, offering limitless opportunities for photographers of all skills and preferences. This article aims to guide you through these prime photographic locations.

In Woolacombe:

  1. Woolacombe Beach: This popular spot offers not just golden sands and lively waves, but also magnificent sunsets that make for a stunning photographic series. Experiment with long-exposure shots of waves at twilight or panoramic views during sunset.

  2. Marine Drive Overlook: An ideal spot for landscape photography, it presents an unparalleled view of Woolacombe Bay, particularly captivating during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

  3. Baggy Point: This headland offers panoramic views of Woolacombe, Croyde, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its rugged cliffs, windswept vegetation, and diverse birdlife serve as excellent subjects for landscape and wildlife photography.

  4. Morte Point: Known for its history of shipwrecks, this point presents dramatic seascapes and views of the stark contrast between jagged rocks and the sea.

  5. Borough Valley: An ancient woodland area that offers a serene atmosphere, unique textures, and seasonal wildflowers for those interested in woodland photography.

  6. Local Architecture: Within Woolacombe village, the charming seaside cottages and the Parish Church of Saint Sabinus serve as fascinating subjects for architectural photography.

  7. The Dunes: The sand dunes of Woolacombe provide an intriguing backdrop for portrait photography, or could be captivating subjects on their own, especially under the warm light of the golden hour.

In Ilfracombe:

  1. Ilfracombe Harbour: The bustling harbour, with its vibrant display of colourful fishing boats, picturesque quay, and the renowned Verity statue by Damien Hirst, presents abundant opportunities for dynamic photography.

  2. Hillsborough Hill: Offering a panoramic view over the harbour and town, it's a prime location for landscape shots. The presence of an Iron Age fort adds historical interest.

  3. The Tunnels Beaches: With its network of hand-carved tunnels leading to secluded beaches and a Victorian bathing pool, it presents an array of dramatic cliffs and clear waters for exceptional compositions.

  4. Hele Corn Mill and Tea Room: This 16th-century historic building serves as a unique opportunity for architectural and quaint, rural photography.

  5. Chambercombe Manor: This historic manor house, reputed to be haunted, set amidst beautiful gardens, allows architectural and nature photography to blend seamlessly.

  6. St. Nicholas Chapel: As the oldest working lighthouse in the UK, located atop Lantern Hill, it offers striking views and makes for an intriguing subject for your photographs.

Though these locales represent some of the most noteworthy spots for photography in Woolacombe and Ilfracombe, both the village and town offer countless hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. As you journey through these places, remember to respect the local environment and keep yourself safe, especially around slippery rocks or moss-covered riverbanks.

Happy snapping!