Comprehensive Guide to Parking in Woolacombe

Explore parking options in Woolacombe; from beach views to more budget-friendly spots, our guide helps you navigate parking charges and plan your seaside visit effectively.

6/20/20232 min read

Amid recent national news spotlighting Woolacombe's "extortionate" parking charges, it's essential to delve deeper into the town's parking landscape. Let's discuss various parking options, their costs, and unique features to help you make an informed decision.

Parkin Estates Car Park

Located directly in front of the beach is the Parkin Estates Car Park, a widely used spot due to its proximity to the seaside. It operates on a flexible pricing model; a full day's parking is priced at £12, but those leaving before 1 pm or arriving after 6 pm can benefit from a reduced fee of £5. The car park's notable feature is its exceptional view of the beach, contributing to its popularity among visitors. It can be located using the following What3Words link.

Esplanade Parking

Along the Esplanade, parking options are operated by parking machines. These spots offer a maximum stay of four hours, and charges are visible via the RingGo app. Note that the first 50 metres of this zone restrict parking to 20 minutes. The significant benefit of Esplanade parking is the great view of the beach, enhancing the overall parking experience. Its location can be found using this What3Words link.

Mini-Golf Course Parking

The Mini-Golf Course provides another parking alternative at £10 for the day. While it lacks a beach view, the location compensates with its short walking distance to the beach. The exact location can be identified using this What3Words link.

Marine Drive

Operated by Mortehoe Parish Council, Marine Drive offers parking with a fantastic view. Its main advantage is the convenient access to quieter beach spots. One potential challenge is the walk through the dunes to reach the beach, although this walk also offers a chance to appreciate the beautiful local ecosystem. Its location can be found at this What3Words link.

Village Parking

In the main village, limited free parking, typically up to one hour, is available. Visitors should remain attentive to parking signs, as some roads have specific restrictions.

Westbeach One

If you are staying at Westbeach One, you will have use of our parking permit for the car park behind the Woolacombe Village Hall, for the duration of your stay.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, while Woolacombe's parking charges have made headlines, the town offers a diverse array of parking options, each with its unique features and pricing. Thus, understanding these options can help you plan effectively and enhance your visit to this charming coastal town.